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Custom #10 Envelope Printing & More

Our custom envelope printing allows you to make an impact for the price you would usually pay for single color. Our full color envelope printing offer an almost unlimited palette of color choices and provide a great "wow" factor for your customers, allowing your designs to creatively communicate the professional image you want to convey. #10 envelopes are printed in full color as well as other sized envelopes we offer on this page. Although many businesses are concentrating their advertising dollars on online marketing, they grab the attention of people who received their printed envelopes. Envelope printing is a practical way to market your company when you send your clients invoices, statements or other communication. Colorful, attractive envelopes simply demand attention more than a nondescript email that may end up in the spam folder without the recipient noticing it at all.

We offer envelope size options including #10 envelopes, #10 window, #9 envelopes, #9 window, 6" x 9" catalog, 6" x 9" booklet, A2, A7, 9" x 12" booklet and 9" x 12" catalog envelopes. We also print #9, #10 regular and window envelopes with a security tint. Prices are all available on our online envelope pricing calculator.

Four-color envelope printing process provides you with the ability to print in vivid full color. The term "four-color printing" is used by the printing industry because the printing process is based on only four colors cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black. It is also sometimes referred to as CMYK printing, with the term "key" representing black. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black combine to create over six million different colors! Your choices are truly nearly limitless.

  • Standard Sizes
  • Any Size

Standard Sizes

Our standard sizes, listed below, are the most popular in the industry:

  • #9 Envelope
  • #9 Envelope w/ Window
  • #10 Envelope
  • #10 Envelope w/ Window
  • 7.25" x 5.25"
  • 4.375" x 5.75"
  • 6" x 9" Booklet
  • 9" x 12" Booklet
  • 9.5" x 12.5" Booklet
  • 10" x 13" Booklet
  • Catalog Envelopes
  • Each size (above) indicates the finished size of the Envelope.
    • 70# Uncoated Text
    • 70# Classic Linen Text

    70# Uncoated Text

    The 70# Uncoated White Smooth paper is a heavier, more durable paper. Its relatively heavy weight means that it is not a good choice for letterhead since it is too thick for use in laser printers. However, it is a great option for applications where a more sturdy paper is necessary. The paper does not have a glossy coating, yet it is still very smooth to the touch.

    70# Classic Linen Text

    This type of paper in 70# weight is the choice for wedding invitations, special occasion announcements or anything in print that you want to convey elegance. It is laser and inkjet printable, and the texture resembles fine linen fabric. Linen text paper is available in assorted colors and is a great background for your printed sentiments.

    • 4/0 (Full Color Front Side Only)
    • No Coating
    • Explanation of Turnaround Time
    • 7 Days

    Explanation of Turnaround Time

    Please note that turnaround time does not include shipping time. You may select from available production turnaround times and your preferred shipping time as you place your order.

    Turnaround times begin when the proof is approved. All times are based on standard business days Monday through Friday excluding federal holidays. For orders shipping to the east, please use the Eastern time zone (New York). For orders shipping to the west, please use the Pacific time zone (California). Please see the below map:

    Our products are the same great quality for every turnaround time we offer.

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    • Custom Orders


    The quantity available is dependent on the order specifications you choose. To see available quantities, complete all order specifications in the pricing calculator and click on the "Quantity" dropdown menu.

    Due to our printing process, we print in specific quantity increments. If you would like an amount not listed in the pricing calculator, you have two options.

    1. Request a custom estimate for the specific quantity you need
    2. Order a larger quantity and ask us to ship only what you need

    Ordering one of our specified quantities is generally more affordable than a custom estimate. Let us know how many units you would like shipped and we will recycle the excess for you. Simply choose the amount of items you would like recycled under the "shipping" section after placing your order.

    For example, if you would like 700 units, you can order 1000 units and let us know you only want 700 shipped. We will responsibly dispose of the extras.

    We typically print more than the quantity ordered. Because printing is a manufacturing process, the total finished quantity may vary. We usually ship a few more than you order, but sometimes quantities can vary +/- 5%. Standard industry procedure is to consider this range shipment in full.

    When to choose Offset

    4-Color Offset printing is ideal for lower prices on large quantity orders or any time you would like coating on your products.

    Almost always, people choose this option when ordering large quantities.

    • Get Templates
    • File Preparation
    • File Orientation
    • Bleed and Safe Area
    • Proofs and File Check

    Please Select Template Below:

    PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This template can be imported into: InDesign, Quark Express, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and many other content creation programs.

    JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and is a basic raster file format. This template is recommended for Photoshop.

    EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. This template is recommended for advanced Illustrator users only.

    For detailed information about advanced file setup, please click here Click Here

    • Custom Design
    • Basic Logo Samples
    • Corporate Logo Samples

    Custom Design

    We create fully custom designs that help represent your company, brand or product in a professional way. Custom Design includes consulting to come up with a concept and design revisions, so you're truly part of the process. You can also add either a basic or corporate custom designed logo to your design.

    There are 3 design packages to meet your needs:

    1. Full Custom Design:

    With this option you get complete, professional custom design for the product of your choosing. This includes consulting to discuss the concept, images, text, and revisions.

    2. Full Custom Design plus a Basic Logo

    With this option you get the complete design just like Custom Design Option 1 plus a basic logo. Basic logo design consists of a single font with a simple icon. See the examples under the "Logo Samples" tab.

    3. Full Custom Design plus a Corporate Logo

    With this option you get the complete design just like Custom Design Option 1 plus a corporate logo. Your corporate logo design has no limit to font styles so long as they are in our library. You also get a fully designed graphic to accompany your text. See the examples under the "Logo Samples" tab.

    To see Custom Design pricing, number of images and revisions for this product, select "Custom Design" on the dropdown menu in the calculator and click the link underneath the menu.

    Keep in mind that this price is estimated and includes limits on the amount of images and revisions that can be made before incurring additional charges. We will notify you prior to performing any services that cost more money.

    Basic Logo Samples

    Corporate Logo Samples

    Pricing Calculator

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