Offset vs. Digital

Which Printing method is right for your job?

When to choose Offset

Offset printing is ideal for producing highquality prints you expect and deserve, but for a very economical price, affordable for both the large and small business alike. If you need high quantity and high quality, offset printing is the way to go. Our 4-color offset printing is perfect for a large volume order that still demands consistent image quality, and it also gives the option of coating the prints with a protective coating.

It is a commonly chosen option for brochures and flyers, as well as newspapers and magazine.

When to choose Digital

If your company has a need for a lower quantity order or needs additional paper options for your print project, our 4-color digital printing is the method for you. Digital printing has an even faster turnaround time than offset printing because it has been designed to excel at the short run print job, and all of the different paper options allow you to personalize your project to meet your specific needs.

Please note that digital products cannot include addition coating options such as AQ or UV coating.

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