We are Green!

Here at Discounted Printing, your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. We want you to always get the highest quality print products at the best prices. But because our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint is just as important, we go above and beyond the call to also offer many environmentally friendly print options.

You can help us minimize our environmental footprint! To get your FREE GREEN PRINTING UPGRADE, select "print on go green paper" in the Go Green Paper dropdown menu within the Pricing Calculator.

Your order will print on "go green" paper at no extra cost and we will be thrilled to have you join with us in this effort to go green!


We offer "go green" paper for the majority of our print products. There is no extra charge for this earth-friendly option!

This environmentally friendly paper is the same superior quality as our regular paper options. You will not sacrifice the quality you deserve by going green. As far as composition details, the paper is a composite of post consumer fiber, recycled paper and pulp from sustainably managed forests, which helps deal with the problem of erosion, create earth friendly jobs, and help to purify the air and atmosphere.


In addition to offering earth-friendly paper options, we at Discounted Printing also actively recycle much of the waste from our print projects, including paper waste, the used metal printing plates, waste inks, and solvents. By recycling rather than throwing into the trash, we save much precious space in landfills as well as provide materials for creating more products made from recycled goods.

By recycling much of this refuse, we are helping to reduce air pollution while also improving the quality of employee work environment. This practice of recycling is a key component to our commitment to sustainability.


We use environmentally friendly ink on our print products.

The offset inks that we use for both our 4 color printing and our 1 & 2 color printing, are plant based. Made with soy and other materials that have been derived from the agricultural industry, these inks are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Any of this “go green” ink that remains after print projects is recycled.

Our 4-Color Digital inks have zero VOCs and meet the demands of EN71, part 3.

Our Large Format rigid inks have extremely low VOCs and are SCAQMD compliant. We are adding LED curing in the effort to further reduce our negative environmental footprint.


It is easy to go green with your print order! To get your FREE GREEN PRINTING UPGRADE, all you need to do is select “Go Green” from the price calculator to take advantage of this great offer!

We are offering FREE licensed logos for use by our customers who choose our Go Green options. Please select and download any of our different Go Green logos.

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